Members are expected to maintain a brisk walk at the very least. Picture: Supplied

Aussie company’s bizarre plan to keep workforce fit

A SYDNEY office has resorted to an extreme measure to keep its employees in shape and its bigwigs have taken an incredible selection of pictures to show it off.

In what coworking space — WeWork George Street — is calling a first for Australia, it has thrown every single office chair out of its boardroom and replaced them with treadmills.

In a priceless collection of pictures, industrious workers can be seen gazing intensely at an extremely unspecific pie chart on a screen at one end of the room while clutching at laptops and taking strides on the gym equipment.

It’s not the most practical set-up. Picture: Supplied

It’s not the most practical set-up. Picture: SuppliedSource:Supplied

What a pie chart. Picture: Supplied

What a pie chart. Picture: SuppliedSource:Supplied

In other jovial images, the workers can be seen leaning over and discussing the day’s business with wide grins as they exchange notes over the arms of the treadmills.

However, the linear arrangement doesn’t appear to be the most practical set-up — as one worker at the end can be seen bent double in a desperate attempt to catch a glimpse of the pie chart.

It’s all part of a WeWork initiative to “get members active and help increase productivity in the workplace”.

The bold move was inspired by the September challenge, which is encouraging people to take 10,000 steps daily for the month of September.

Those unlucky enough to be called into the meetings will be expected to maintain a brisk walk or jog on the “state of the art TechnoGym treadmills”.

“At WeWork, we want to enable our members to make a life, not just a living and by breaking down the preconceived ideas of a traditional working environment, we can support them in doing so,” said Balder Tol, General Manager of WeWork Australia.

“Community is the catalyst for every one of our workspaces and the September challenge allows our members to achieve personal fulfilment while working together as a team to reach a workplace goal.”

They look happy enough. Picture: Supplied

They look happy enough. Picture: SuppliedSource:Supplied

Members are expected to maintain a brisk walk at the very least. Picture: Supplied

Members are expected to maintain a brisk walk at the very least. Picture: SuppliedSource:Supplied

The company has challenged its members to reach 10,000 steps collaboratively every hour the meeting room is in use.

The September challenge, which is specifically being trialled in WeWork on George Street in Sydney. The office, which currently provides workspaces for companies such as Microsoft, Deliveroo and Salesforce, will run for one week with no immediate plans for a nationwide roll out.

And it’s not the only step WeWork has taken to keep its workers in tip top form.

“With a global focus on wellness, WeWork offers members a holistic approach to workplace wellbeing with initiatives ranging from yoga, to meditation and even a wellness club, WeWork Rise in the United States,” a spokeswoman for the company bragged.

“WeWork provides more than 268,000 members around the world with space, community and services through both physical and digital offerings in 23 countries and 280 locations.”

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