Twitch streamer Dr. DisRespect stops broadcast after someone shoots his house

Normally, you’ll see Twitch streamer Guy ‘Dr. DisRespect’ Beahm sporting his trademark wig and sunglasses while blasting away in the latest video games. But today, after hearing a loud sound, he abruptly broke character and left the stream — returning to inform his audience that someone had just fired a real-life gun at his house.

‘I gotta end the broadcast right now. Someone shot at our house, broke the fucking upstairs window,’ said Beahm, who revealed it’s not the first time — someone apparently shot at his house yesterday, too.

You can watch the relevant section of the stream here:

Kotaku reported that local police are on the scene and no one appears to be hurt. DrDisRespect’s Twitch page currently reads ‘Doc and Family Are Safe. Proper Measures are be[ing] taken while stream is down for the day.’ Polygon later confirmed with a local sheriff’s department that a person matching Beahm’s description had called to report the shot, and that it was the second report in two days.

The San Diego Tribune cites local investigators that the weapon used was likely a BB gun, as opposed to a deadlier weapon.

Beahm tweeted later Tuesday night that no one was hurt and that ‘the situation is being handled appropriately.’ He says he’ll be back to streaming tomorrow.

Beahm, a former community manager for Sledgehammer Games and multiplayer level designer for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, had since become one of the best-known streamers in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG).

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